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Residential Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

An elegant option that will stand the test of time in any residential space.

Transform Your Home with Residential Epoxy Flooring

Is your floor looking dull, lifeless, and just overall unappealing? Melbourne epoxy floor coating is the perfect way to bring the surface back to life and ensure that you get more out of your home’s floors.

While epoxy floors tend to be more commonly associated with commercial and industrial settings, they’re an incredibly versatile option that is actually well-suited for use in residential applications.

You will be able to enjoy long-lasting durability, unbeatable strength, and a visually attractive finish that is a perfect complement to the home environment you’re trying to create.

residential epoxy flooring melbourne

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

The unique benefits of epoxy flooring make it well-suited to your home’s many interior and exterior areas. It can be finished in a wide range of colours and patterns, allowing it to blend seamlessly into your existing decor and aesthetic.

Extremely Durable

Your new epoxy floors will be more than strong enough to withstand the roughest of bumps, scrapes, and skids. They’re child-friendly for this reason!

Non-Slip Surface

To improve safety around the home, once the epoxy floor has been laid a non-slip surface can be added to provide your family and friends with extra grip.
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Range of Finishes

Whether you want your floors to blend into your current aesthetic or make a bold statement, we have a range of colourful and decorative finishes available.

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Easy to Clean

Many homeowners are on the lookout for surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain. Epoxy floors tick both these boxes – just give them a sweep or a mop!
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Hygienic & Antimicrobial

Did you know that epoxy floor coatings are naturally antibacterial? You won’t have to worry about potentially exposing your family to any harmful bacteria.
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Fast Installation

In most cases, epoxy floors can be prepared and poured in a single day. It takes around 24 hours to dry (enough to walk on) and 7 days to cure completely.

Residential Epoxy Flooring Applications

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Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen might be the heart of the home, but can it withstand the heat? Durable epoxy flooring will meet the needs of even the messiest chef – it’s chemical and fire-resistant, easy to clean, and non-slip.

Bathroom Flooring

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional tiles for your bathroom, look no further than modern epoxy floors. They provide a durable and water-resistant finish, plus eliminate the hassle of cutting and laying tile.
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Garage Flooring

Garage floors need to be tough to ensure they can withstand the daily grind of foot and vehicular traffic. Did you know that an epoxy floor coating is actually safer (not to mention more attractive) than standard concrete?


Outdoor Areas

Epoxy flooring is the ideal way to revamp your outdoor space while providing it with some much-needed weather protection at the same time. Enjoy the great outdoors as much as you like without the maintenance!

Residential Epoxy Finishes

When it comes to residential epoxy flooring, there is a variety of finishes to choose from. Your choice will depend on your home’s desired look, as well as any additional properties that you’d like the floor to have.


This finish involves coloured flakes being spread on top of the epoxy resin once it’s been laid. These flakes create texture and pattern on the surface, which can provide extra grip as well as add to the aesthetic appeal.


Drab concrete surfaces seem more at home in a commercial or industrial setting than a home. With the addition of a semi-gloss or high-gloss finish, we can make your floors shine like the rising sun.


If the shiny look is not for you, a matte finish might be more appropriate for your home. Also known as a satin finish, it involves a matte topcoat being applied once the epoxy floor has fully set and cured.

Non-Slip (Anti-Slip)

Wetter areas around the home, such as bathrooms and pool areas, require non-slip flooring to improve safety. Inclusions for epoxy flooring that is anti-slip include silica sand, pumice, coloured quartz, and polymer grit.

Think that epoxy flooring is the perfect choice for your home?

Whether you’re starting from scratch or refurbishing, Statewide Epoxy can help!

Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Epoxy Flooring

How long do residential epoxy floors last?
You can expect the coating to last up to 10 years, even when used outdoors! Keep in mind that it will show signs of wear more quickly when used in areas of the home that see large volumes of foot and vehicular traffic.
Can epoxy be used for applications other than flooring?
Yes, it can. It depends more on the surface an epoxy coating is being applied to than the application itself. If the surface is Formica, laminate, tile, ceramic, porcelain, glass, or concrete it can be epoxied.
Are epoxy floors worth the cost?
When compared to other flooring solutions, an epoxy coating is actually quite a cost-effective solution for the home – particularly when you consider it’s very low ongoing maintenance requirements.
Can you epoxy over tiles?
Yes, with the correct preparation and products. This makes epoxy coatings a great choice for refinishing existing bathroom, kitchen, and even laundry floors. You could even redo the benchtop or splashback.
Do epoxy floors scratch easily?
Epoxy coatings cure very hard, which makes them very resistant to scratching and other marks. However, sharp objects (such as a knife) and the continued presence of grit can cause scratches; it’s a good idea to clean the floor regularly.
Does epoxy get slippery when wet?
Don’t let the shiny surface of epoxy flooring deceive you – it’s actually more slip-resistant than other available solutions (such as polished concrete). There are also various finishes available to improve grip in wet areas.
What is the difference between epoxy and resin flooring?
Epoxy is a type of resin, so there is actually no difference between the two. However, polyurethane (PU) also falls under the resin flooring umbrella – and this coating is heavier and thicker than epoxy.

Why Choose Statewide Epoxy?

Peace of Mind

We are fully insured, take safety very seriously, and pride ourselves on our professionalism – we’re committed to offering our customers absolute peace of mind.

Australian Owned

Statewide Epoxy is proud to be an Australian-owned and operated business. Our expert and knowledgeable team is here to offer any advice you may need.

Competitive Pricing

We don’t believe in paying more than you should, which is why we’re committed to offering competitive pricing for our epoxy flooring services.
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Residential Epoxy Flooring Cost

The cost of our epoxy flooring solutions will depend entirely on the specifics of the job. On average, however, expect to pay between $30 and $35 per square metre for a standard epoxy coating and between $80 and $100 per square metre for a decorative finish.

To provide an obligation-free quote, we will ask you some questions regarding the size of the space (in square metres), your chosen finish, the complexity of the job (such as having to work around bathroom fixtures), and anything else that we may need to know. When applying epoxy to an existing concrete floor, we may also need to consider the cost of concrete resurfacing.

Residential Epoxy Flooring Melbourne is a Great Choice

If you’re looking for flooring that is resistant to slips, fires, and the daily wear and tear exerted by a busy family, epoxy is a great choice. It’s suitable for both old and new concrete floors, plus is available in a wide range of colours and finishes to ensure that it best complements your home aesthetic.

The experienced team at Statewide Epoxy is committed to delivering workmanship of the highest standard, which is why you can rely on us to create beautiful residential epoxy flooring that ticks all of your boxes.