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Commercial Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

The perfect all-round solution for most commercial spaces.

Epoxy Coatings Meet All Your Commercial Flooring Needs

Thanks to high-quality epoxy floor coatings, you can safeguard your floor from daily wear and tear that is unavoidable in many commercial settings.

The perfect addition to concrete floors, an epoxy coating will increase the smoothness and resilience of the surface, creating a polished and contemporary appearance that is very easy to maintain.

It’s installed as a thin 3 to 6mm layer over an existing concrete slab and is quite cost-effective. It also requires minimal downtime to install, ensuring that you’re able to get back to work as quickly as possible.

commercial epoxy flooring melbourne

Benefits of Commercial Epoxy Flooring

The many benefits of epoxy flooring have made it one of the most popular commercial flooring solutions available. Commercial settings need flooring that meets their high demands and regulatory standards, and epoxy does just that.

Stain and Chemical Resistant

An epoxy floor coating will protect your floors from staining (common in hospitality settings) and be durable enough to withstand years of chemical abrasion.

Easy Application

Epoxy flooring can be quickly installed; it goes straight over the top of existing concrete flooring (common in warehouses and converted settings).

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Low Maintenance

Epoxy floors are highly resistant to damage, needing almost no ongoing maintenance. To keep them clean, they only need a mop or a sweep.

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Range of Finishes

We have a wide range of epoxy floor finishes available, to ensure a solution to suit every commercial setting, from natural wood tones to metallic shines.

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Cost Effective

Compared to other concrete resurfacing options, epoxy is quite a cost-effective solution. Plus, you’ll save money on ongoing maintenance needs.

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Non-Slip Surface

Epoxy flooring naturally offers a non-slip surface, so you don’t need to worry about incorporating another solution to improve safety in the workplace.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Applications

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Industrial Flooring

From factories to workshops, industrial environments need solid flooring solutions. Epoxy flooring is strong enough to handle the impact of pallet jacks, forklifts, and heavy machinery.

Car Parks

Outdoor, multi-story, or even underground car parks are ideally suited to epoxy floors. We can customise materials and colours to suit the requirements of your parking space.

Food & Drink

An efficient and long-lasting solution for sanitary food and beverage working areas, including food manufacturing, commercial kitchens, restaurants, and bars.
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From hangars to terminals, we can undertake intensive repair and resurfacing of specialised high gloss epoxy flooring to add safety underfoot and enhance visibility.


Epoxy coatings can be made with gloss or shine to reflect more light into a space, they’re easy to clean, and they can be tailored according to your brand and needs.

Sporting Venues

It’s important to invest in a durable flooring system that can withstand weather exposure and is safe for participants and spectators, from gyms to sporting arenas.

Commercial Epoxy Finishes

There is a variety of finishes available for a commercial epoxy floor coating. Your ideal choice will depend on the aesthetics you want for your workplace, along with any additional properties you want the floor to offer.


From anti-slip properties to a customised look for your floors, flake is an interesting finish. A layer of epoxy is spread on the floor followed by coloured flakes, which create texture and pattern.


For the ultimate shiny floors, ideal for more retail and other customer-heavy settings, you cannot go wrong with a semi-gloss or high-gloss finish. Both will reflect light, making the space feel bigger and brighter.


Also known as a satin finish, this provides a more dull look to your floors and is a popular option in areas where shine could be distracting. It involves a matte topcoat being applied over the fully cured epoxy.

Non-Slip (Anti-Slip)

Besides flakes, several other additions could be made to an epoxy coating to make it non-slip. These include silica sand, pumice, coloured quartz, and polymer grit. We can advise as to the best choice.

Think that epoxy flooring is the perfect choice for your commercial setting?

Whether you’re starting from scratch or refurbishing, Statewide Epoxy can help!

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Epoxy Flooring

How long do commercial epoxy floors last?
This will depend on your commercial setting (as some are tougher on floors than others) and how well the coating is looked after, but you can expect it to last anywhere from 2 to 7 years.
Is epoxy flooring better than concrete floors?
This is a matter of personal opinion, but we believe it to be the case for the simple reason that epoxy flooring doesn’t take as long to install, is more cost-effective, and is more aesthetically pleasing than concrete.
How long does it take to epoxy a floor?
The application of the coating itself will only take a couple of hours (depending on the size of the space). It can be dry enough to walk on after only 12 hours, but it will take around 7 days for the coating to completely cure.
Are epoxy floors stain-resistant?
Yes, an epoxy coating creates an impermeable barrier between the surface and the concrete underneath. Once it has been fully cured, it will be resistant to stains from oils, dyes, colourings, and other liquids (such as wine).
Is epoxy slippery when wet?
You might assume that epoxy would be slippery just from looking at its shiny surface, however, it is far more slip-resistant than other solutions on the market (such as polished concrete).
Is epoxy flooring resistant to impact?
Although epoxy flooring is suitable for most commercial settings, it has been known to crack or chip as a result of heavy impact or sharp, pointed objects (such as a knife) being dropped on it.
How does epoxy flooring enhance safety in a commercial setting?
This coating enhances safety in a number of ways, from providing a slip-resistant surface to the ability to use various colourings to map out avenues where machinery and pedestrians should be.

Why Choose Statewide Epoxy?

Quality Guaranteed

We want our customers to be assured of the quality of our work, which is why we provide a 5-year guarantee on all our products and workmanship.

Lasting Results

Rest assured that your epoxy floor will stand the test of time – it’ll be durable, easy to clean, resistant to chemicals, and can withstand heavy machinery.

Service Excellence

Let us take the hassle out of your project thanks to our rapid response times, expert advice, and quality work (carried out on time and within budget).
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Commercial Epoxy Flooring Cost

The cost of installing epoxy flooring in your commercial setting will depend on the specifics of the job, such as the size of the space and your desired finish. On average, however, a standard epoxy coating may set you back between $30 and $35 per square metre, whilst a decorative finish may cost $80 to $100 per square metre.

When you contact us for an obligation-free quote, we will ask you some questions about the size of your workplace (in square metres), your desired finish, the complexity of the job, and anything else that we may need to provide you with accurate pricing.

Get A Hassle-Free Epoxy Flooring Experience with Statewide Epoxy

With a team of highly talented and knowledgeable epoxy flooring professionals, rest assured that we can customise our work to suit your needs and preferences. We use only premium-grade equipment and products to give our customers peace of mind that commercial epoxy flooring Melbourne will continue to look and perform at its best for many years to come.

If you’ve decided that epoxy flooring is the way to go for your business, contact the team at Statewide Epoxy today to learn more about the different finishes on offer and the epoxy flooring services we provide.